Landmark Incentive Marketing, Inc.

If you are a new customer checking us out, your list of questions can be long. You will want to know our track record, how we do business and what about Landmark would make the difference to you. It is equally important to us that you understand as much about us as possible. We want you to know WHY LANDMARK would be your best choice and what makes us stand apart from other incentive companies. Our reputation, our reliability and our expertise can help you make that decision.

Our Reputation

Our reputation is best known as being a service-oriented company. In every thing we do, we clearly demonstrate our interest in the success and welfare of you as our customer and your program. Our clients are confident and assured that every detail of their program is always being cared for. 

Our reputation for creativity is also a mark of excellence in which we take great pride. When it comes to visualizing and creating outstanding events and wonderful theme parties our Landmark team has the skills and experience to magically “light up” the room. Our ability to take an otherwise plain site and turn it into a memorable event is the absolute highlight of our trips. These are some of the events that our trip participants remember for a lifetime.

Our Reliability

When you form a partnership with Landmark you can have confidence knowing that we are financially stable, solid in our industry and backed with almost 40 years of experience in the incentive marketing and travel business. Our promises are reliable and our destination knowledge is the best in the industry. Our reliability is our measure. We hold our colleagues, our suppliers and ourselves to the highest level of ethical professional conduct. And, that’s not all – we only represent destinations and hotels that reflect the industry’s best quality of service and standard. Our industry relationships are firmly established, long-standing and collaborative in our objectives.   

Our Expertise

We offer more than great products and service ingenuity. We leverage our extensive global resources to give our customers better solutions and value than they receive anywhere else – this is our Landmark expertise. Our planner and operation teams are trained to be resourceful and strong problem solvers. Their understanding of our destinations and venues is always thorough because we generally work directly with our bus companies, guides, restaurants, etc. and not through a middle man as other incentive companies do.

Landmark Incentive Marketing, Inc.