Landmark Incentive Marketing, Inc.

Landmark creates trips that are memories of a lifetime. Creative itineraries, spectacular banquets, exquisite table settings, world class entertainment - Each trip has a specific description of its own for ‘a special theme’ and no two trips are the same.


Landmark is always creating new and exciting events that have never been done before. Try this for an event… the Berliner Dom Cathedral; a magnificent baroque Cathedral totally restored from the destruction of WW2 in the heart of Berlin was recreated as a unique and dramatic venue for a formal candlelight dinner with breathtaking entertainment and music incorporating the cathedral’s enormous organ and spectacular acoustics. The result, an unbelievable evening and a memory of a lifetime.

Medieval feasts can often become generic because they are done so often but not when the planning and creative minds at Landmark dream it up. Imagine a feast in an authentic medieval castle where guests arrive by horse and carriage and long dining tables are covered with burlap and velvet cloth and strewn with tureens of fruit and nuts enhanced with the tallest iron candelabras imaginable. The evening is even more authenticated when medieval costumed minstrels and actors mingled in with our group singing, dancing, and entertaining.

Or, how about a complete private takeover of an actual working castle in the English countryside, with the Lord and Lady of the manor as your hosts and the village townspeople on the grounds in medieval costume running your feast. This one of a kind event is even further authenticated with local artisans, jousting matches, falconry and hay carts rides through the fields and an actual fox hunt on the castle grounds.       


Some of the world’s most exclusive properties and venues are normally only available to individual travelers and not for groups of any size. However, on many occasions, Landmark has gained access to some of these restricted resorts for their clients. A small exclusive boutique hotel in Ireland had never allowed groups until our Landmark planning team won them over - starting with a small number of rooms and then increasing exponentially until they had eventually taken over every room in the house. It was the same with a charming hotel in Salzburg known only to the savviest of travelers, and the same with a plush private guests-only hotel in Lake Louise. These property choices were envisioned by our team at Landmark as very special locations and were pursued for our clients even though they were not marketed for the group business.


The energy of music and entertainment can change a function or venue instantly into a magical and memorable event. Landmark always strives to create the unexpected and the unpredictable for each event. Opera singers in unusual locations and not always in theme with the location make an event rather fascinating and create spectacular results. Who would imagine a toga costume party in Hawaii – we did! Mimicking Roman citizens with togas made from Hawaiian prints and great entertainment. Cocktails and dinner on the Great Wall of China with actors and costumes from a movie set replicating ancient Chinese warriors. Mash parties, chariot races, boogie nights, and much, much more.


Theme parties can make extraordinary and dramatic events. At Landmark, we strive to create the ultimate visual feast at all our special functions. An exotic evening under starlight skies with a canopy created from fresh flowers with blissful scents and beautiful colors. Specially made candelabras for a candle light evening and period effect in the ancient ruins of Ephesus, Turkey. Welcome to Italy with an Italian market, a visual feast for the stomach, with women in the kitchen making homemade pasta and sausage vendors and fresh produce stands. Each production is custom created to give our clients a real treat.

Landmark Incentive Marketing, Inc.