Landmark Incentive Marketing, Inc.

All our dealings are straightforward. You do not have to look into any “small print” as the details are clear, nor do we burden you with issues we can resolve. There are no “buyer beware” clauses or any ambiguity to cause confusion. While we are positive, we try to be as realistic as possible in answering your questions.

We Are Customer Focused

Every day, we strive to exceed our customer’s expectations and develop long-term relationships with them. We feel that all of our customers are deserving of exceptional service levels. We take special care in how our customers are handled, we work to nurture their confidence and protect their interest. Our attitude is positive, motivated and inspired, and our objective is to give our customers the best program experience. We want you to feel what we already know – "our client is king."

Our Team

We never stop learning and never stop growing. We live in a culture of service … we grow our knowledge and skills continuously to make us the most responsive team in the industry. We use the best of our abilities to get the results we desire, in the most cost effective way. We maintain a streamlined organization to allow for quick responses to market opportunities. We value individual initiative that leads to improvements in product offerings, product quality and service levels.

Lead by Example

We strive for an environment in which management provides the information people need to do their jobs. We offer the tools for growth and improvement through educational seminars on a variety of business and industry skills including, "Handling Challenges," "Handling Clients with Care," "Dealing with Difficult Negotiations," "Overcoming Situations on Site," and more. Our company environment allows employees to speak out and contribute on issues that affect them and the company. We conduct weekly Executive meetings to discuss resolutions, improvements, and opportunities. We practice what we preach. Managers demonstrate these core values and encourage all employees to do the same.

Landmark Incentive Marketing, Inc.