Landmark Incentive Marketing, Inc.

On-site Event Management

From the moment participants arrive at the airport until the moment they depart, your Landmark representative(s) are available to assist. Consider everything, from airport arrivals, luggage handling, porters, luggage carts, directional to coaches, coach driver procedures. Then, expect every detail as you wish, from hotel check-in, arrival beverage, or cold towels, your group hospitality desk, food and beverage events, restaurants, on-site meetings, proper seating arrangements, room deliveries, tours and activities, goods mailed to the hotel, etc. to be professionally organized and staffed. Landmark takes responsibility for all program details including complete support to whatever you need to accomplish whether it is in our list or yours.

“Flawless Experience”

Landmark’s main priority is to make sure the event is seamless and enjoyable for your participants. From airport arrivals to the last goodbye, your Landmark team is "on the ball" to assist your participants with all of their needs. Your participants will know where they need to be and when they need to be there. They will have a resource available to them to ask questions about the area. Our staff will be your staff and will proactively represent your company

Post Event Management

Once the program is complete, Landmark wraps up all of the final accounting in a timely fashion and presents a detailed budget, including all aspects of the program.

Landmark Incentive Marketing, Inc.