Landmark Incentive Marketing, Inc.

Our range of experience covers a broad and diverse spectrum of group sizes, budgets and needs. With a unique bank of knowledge to execute the needs and strategies of any client we can offer an excellent source of options and opportunities for any group needs.  Landmark programs are never “off the shelf” - we take great pride and pleasure in designing and executing programs with sophisticated design and limitless options.

Chartered Aircrafts

With groups originating from one city, we can offer the choice of utilizing chartered air service. By chartering a plane, our client now has the advantage of a number of VIP services that go with private air travel. When the plane belongs exclusively for our group, flight departure times can be specified to the client’s preference. Chartered flights are non-stop and direct, unless there is a fuel or custom stop, open bar service can be made available, meals are to order, and there can be movies and games on board. Additionally, for domestic airports, luggage delivery can be arranged directly to your hotel rooms.

Larger Group Charters

When a group size is several hundred people all originating from one location, the option for chartering multiple aircrafts can be a viable choice.  On occasion, when the originating city airport does not have enough commercial lift to accommodate the entire group, a charter is compulsory.  If the group is very large, such as 1600 from one city, then chartered planes must be booked and scheduled at intervals so that there is a smooth flow at the airport both on departure and on arrival.

Nationwide Flights

Many groups are made up of participants from across the country each with their own air itinerary. Landmark’s air travel team expertly handles all these itineraries offering the best flight options while constantly keeping our clients air cost and budget in mind.

Property "Buy-Outs"

When a group is the right size to take over an entire property, a hotel is then suggested for a “buy-out” program. “Buy-outs” enable the group to enjoy the VIP luxury of hotel exclusivity, special meals and banquets, access to certain venues that are normally restricted and much, much more.

Boutique Groups

Boutique groups fall into a niche market where either a smaller hotel or ship is presented to provide the comfort of individualized attention. On occasion, a particular section or wing of a larger property may be booked where the group feels exclusive yet has the opportunity to take advantage of multiple facilities on a large property.

Deluxe Groups

For groups with an "open" budget that require the maximum "wow-effect" for the program, Landmark has the resources and reputation to deliver those “wows”.  Our creative planners at Landmark offer our clients the expertise of resourcefulness and program design to create just the level of “wow” that’s needed.  We discover events that a well traveled group would find unique and scintillating such as exclusive takeover of a gothic cathedral for a private concert or a private candle-light dinner with a symphony orchestra in the mystical setting of an ancient ruin.  Celebrated personalities, recreated theme settings, exceptional opera singers and musicians, exquisite venues, and details from table linens and floral arrangements to costumes and unique transportation – no detail is overlooked.

Special Interests

Many times groups have particular interests in the local lifestyle and commerce of the destination they are visiting. Special arrangement can be made for tours to unique supermarkets or boutique grocery stores or an exceptional warehouse. Some travel programs are even created around a particular industry show providing opportunities where the participants have the experience to sharpen their business skills as part of their trip program.

Landmark Incentive Marketing, Inc.