Landmark Incentive Marketing, Inc.

When it comes to planning your next company incentive travel program, Landmark specializes in expertly planned and flawlessly executed trip programs. With four decades of experience, we understand the complexities involved in incentive travel and we know how to plan and execute every detail. Beginning with the destination, we help you select a location that is ideal for your group. Then we handle all the planning and logistical details, operate your program on site with precision, and even provide you with a post program evaluation.

Customer Incentives

Increase sales and build loyalty with the vendor partners, distributor networks and customers that drive your business.

Customer sales make up the major part of sales revenue, and the challenge of managing the many customer and vendor partner relationships behind those sales grows more complex and intense every day.  Landmark Incentive Marketing can help you stay competitive with incentive marketing solutions that drive sales, build loyalty and engage the vendors, brokers, resellers and customers that move and use your products.

Landmark Incentive Marketing has over 35 years of experience delivering successful sales incentives and customer loyalty programs designed to support single and multi-step distribution business models. We understand the dynamics and leverage that incentives have to boost your sales, gather vendor support and market directly to your customers and end-users.

Our customer loyalty and sales incentive marketing programs have helped businesses:

  • Boost distribution sales revenue
  • Improve profit margins
  • Launch new products / speed product adoption
  • Establish competitive differentiation
  • Gather valuable customer data and insight
  • Strengthen relationships between vendors, distributors, resellers and customers
  • Retain customers through increased customer loyalty.

End User / Consumer Incentives

Landmark Incentive Marketing can also cater to the end user/ consumer client.  A single entity that provides for its own outlets needs a program to boost what is referred to as “street sales”.  These consumer incentives are geared toward increasing walk-in traffic, retailer loyalty, outlet exposure and consumer satisfaction.  Many times these consumer incentives are coupled with sweepstakes or redemption incentives.

Multi-Tiered Incentives

Diversity in your customer base is what keeps market share and grows customer loyalty.  However, not everyone can compete on the same level.  Multi tiered incentives are geared to incentivize your entire customer base while maintaining achievable targets at various levels.  Customers can be grouped into multiple tiers offering incentive destination budgets matched with their size and intended growth expectations.

Sales Incentives

Reach your sales goals with proven incentive programs and promotions.

Need to hit your sales targets, motivate your sales and merchandizing teams – Landmark Incentive Marketing can boost your top line with turnkey sales incentive programs that energize direct sales forces and deliver real, measurable results.

Our sales incentive programs and promotions have helped companies:

  • Meet and exceed sales and merchandizing goals
  • Engage and motivate
  • Drive incremental revenue and profit
  • Launch new products
  • Promote stronger corporate loyalty

Rewards & Premium Incentives

Great rewards are the driving force behind any successful motivation, performance improvement, and recognition or loyalty program. That's why Landmark Incentive Marketing ensures our selection of rewards are the biggest and best you'll find anywhere.  All of our rewards offer a memorable, enduring "trophy value" that cash can't match. From world-class travel options, to top quality brand-name merchandise, to live event tickets (even those already sold out) they are sure to find a reward that gets them pumped.

Executive / Employee Incentives

Motivate, reward and retain your most valuable assets.
Landmark Incentive Marketing understands that your recognition and rewards program should motivate and engage Executives and employees alike while improving your bottom line in definable ways.  Incentive programs that boost employee retention, reduce accidents and healthcare costs, encourage performance improvement, and strengthen long term loyalty not only increase the bottom line but are recognizable perceptions in your customer’s eye.  Landmark Incentive Marketing can help you achieve that delicate balance by reducing diminishing returns. In the end you’ll be able to see visible improvement while tracking all the related costs and results.  Sales incentives can also be designed to be Multi Tiered according to size and scope of customer base and sales growth expectations.

Combination Incentives

Develop, Coordinate, and Manage your multiple incentive programs and promotions with ease and efficiency.  Landmark Incentive Marketing develop, coordinate, automate and streamline your many initiatives, from employee reward programs to customer promotions to sales incentives, under a one stop shopping environment.  A combination of incentives will: increase efficiencies and overall cost-effectiveness, easily track costs and budgets, administer centrally while allowing for departmental or local levels of control and unify segmented audiences toward common goals.

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