Landmark Incentive Marketing, Inc.

Our customers say that our merchandising and marketing programs have turned their business around and cemented long-lasting relationships with their customers. They tell us that our travel programs are the best they have been on and that our teams deliver the highest level of professionalism and service both in the office and on the program site. We have years of testimonials and gratitude letters from our customers. Here are a few we would like to share …

As Senior Vice President to Director of Accounts, we have always found Landmark Incentives to be both rewarding in customer relationships, and rewarding for our companies financially. Running these trips, we have been able to increase our friendship and commitment from our customers, and we have been able to increase our volume and profits. Our last trip this year, we have seen our growth in sales increase 35% over the same period the year prior. Landmark not only is professionals, they give our customers a feeling of being with friends and truly made our partnership stronger with our customers. We are looking forward to another great year with Landmark this year. Thanks for all your efforts. Keep doing what you do best.

Senior VP to Director of Account
Food Distributor

Our goals in deciding to work with Landmark were the following:

  • We wanted to demonstrate our company as a national marketing entity
  • We wanted to grow sales 20% and retain those customers
  • We wanted to grow supplier sales by same
  • We wanted to have supplier revenue cover costs
  • We wanted to use incentive travel to develop better customer, supplier and employee relationships and build bridges to each.

Mark, I knew of your reputation and your name is impeccable in the paper and foodservice industry. You do what you say and you back it up with a terrific inside team that follows up exceptionally, helped us consultatively in establishing guidelines, site selection and timelines of activities. And I know that I am biased but you have to also be one of the nicest people I have met in my industry. You are the consummate gentleman.

We hit all of the goals above and a testament to the success of that program is that it is still continuing today. You proved that people would stretch for quality incentive travel. And it was not a 1 year hit wonder. We continued with those customers and maintained the business after the promo ended.

Your company and its professionalism helped establish us as a marketing driven company. And I would strongly recommend Landmark to others.

VP Marketing
Food Distributer

I would like to personally “Thank You” and the Landmark organization for being an integral part of our success in the West Region. Our Customer Incentive Trips were a major factor in achieving our sales target.

Our customers and potential prospects that participated in the programs, continue to rave about the experience and the professionalism of the Landmark team. The trips have made a lasting impression with our valuable customers and exemplify our company’s appreciation of having the privilege to service their business..

Our business continued to grow not only with the customers that attended the events but, as an organization, we developed personal bonds that are impossible to achieve through the normal course of business. I personally would never have the opportunity to spend the quality time with so many customers, due to my hectic schedule.

The programs are invaluable! Please thank your team for a “Job Well Done.”

Food Service Company

Landmark Incentive Marketing, Inc.