Landmark Incentive Marketing, Inc.

In order to give your company the most effective impact, our sales strategies are fine-tuned and developed. Here is how our sales and marketing formulas are developed for your unique business needs.


We research your goals, values, sales, history, employees, products, services, customers, marketing area, and suppliers. Our knowledge of your organization is important to delivering a successful marketing strategy that works uniquely for your company.  We need to know your needs in order to achieve your goals.


Our experts carefully analyze your data evaluating past, current and future forecasts, and develop the most impactful concept for your business conservatively. We incorporate the information into measurement model proformas.  


With professional coaching and communication, we help you launch your incentive travel program, outline your contest period and design a creative marketing campaign around your travel destination.


We consistently manage and adjust your goals. We summarize actual budget and earnings to compare marketing program results to your original model proformas. A performance management plan is implemented in order to guarantee the program success - your success!


Our team surveys trip participants and gathers feedback. We evaluate your vendor support and corporate funding. We always review end results for future growth opportunities.

Landmark Incentive Marketing, Inc.