Landmark Incentive Marketing, Inc.

The merchandise program is customized with a marketing campaign supported with data based resources. The budget, rules and structures and winning are presented. Each award element is independent and can be used in combination or alone. In any of the variety of programs, the preparation is the same..

  • A broad base of merchandise awards are offered from top brands or name recognition brands. Landmark offers a diverse choice of premium items and gifts to choose from to add a customized touch to your trip. Whether it be a premium, customized gift or amenity we will help you select the perfect items as award prizes for your contestants to make a last impression.
  • Catalogs - Books from multiple suppliers are compared to create a program.
  • Gift certificates - Dollar value certificates are awarded, which are redeemed for flights or hotels.
  • Individual travel - A series of destination choices are offered for the winners to choose their place and time within a time period.
Landmark Incentive Marketing, Inc.