Landmark Incentive Marketing, Inc.

In 1972, Pearl Markarian (President) founded Landmark Incentive Marketing, Inc. Since that time, Pearl traveled the globe designing and executing premium incentive travel programs for Landmark’s customers. In time she became known as an expert in the industry while expanding her talent for continually seeking the “wow factor” in travel.

At the same time, H.J. “Mark” Markarian (Chairman) had already received nationwide acclaim for his unique incentive marketing and merchandising concepts which he honed as a premier innovator in incentive marketing throughout the food, grocery, paper, and supply industries.

For more than 40 years, Pearl and Mark have developed the combination of Pearl’s unique travel prowess and Mark’s forefront incentive marketing concepts into what makes Landmark top notch in the industry today. It is a perfect match that was easily recognized as instrumental in developing business with companies that never traveled before.

The Landmark brand developed and became known worldwide in the incentive travel industry for high level travel programs and unparalleled customer service. In addition, the incentive and marketing motivational services Landmark provides, as a “Service Partner”, build customer sales in the food, grocery, energy, and paper industries as never seen before. It was a win-win all around.

Today Landmark is proud to have an outstanding leadership team, including second generation family whom continue to strengthen and grow the foundation of our company from its inception, 40 years ago. We are proud of our long history of developing excellent travel itineraries, one of a kind events, and marketing programs that fit all needs and desires. At the same token, Landmark has taken every opportunity to develop our internal platform. Today, as we did from the start, we offer our top notch customer service coupled with the “e-customer” experience that is on the cutting edge of deliverables for today’s corporate needs.

Landmark Incentive Marketing, Inc.